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Exterior Services

In this category, we are, by far, most frequently are tasked with building decks, patios, and outdoor enclosures. Below are just a few examples of our work. To us, a deck should be built so that it is as stable as your house, if not more. Exteriors of our house take the brunt of what nature has to offer and if the work is sub-standard it just makes everything cost more in the long run: more up-keep, repairs, frustration. It’s hard work, but we love it, and so do our clients.

Form, function, and beauty: what all pergola should be.
With a little extra effort a simple pergola can be transformed into an elegant backyard feature. We hand cut each end of the trusses to have a curved edge. The outcome was well worth the effort.
We replaced the original shiplap wood siding with hardie planks and fixed the under-pinning on this portion of the house.
We had a great time making this 12 x 16 shed. The sliding barn door and ramp make it a perfect storage space for all kinds of things.